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The EPC Mobile App provides an array of tools specifically designed to help track your goals and connect with the community.

We invite you to experience the EPC Mobile App through our video demonstration, designed to showcase its crucial features meticulously crafted to enrich your tennis journey.


Secure Data

Secure Data

All of the data that EPC captures is stored 100% in Australia and our system has been vetted by numerous cyber security experts. This can give you peace of mind that your privacy is protected.

Objective Data Driven Pathway

Keep up to date with your EPC rating after every EPC event to track your development.

Manage Multiple Siblings

EPC has an exclusive feature that allows for parents to manage all their children through one account. This improves the security and promotes greater parental control of online activity.

Improved Communication

EPC allows you to easily communicate with the event organiser through our platform – always keeping you up to date. 

Event Calendar

The Event Calendar incorporates all of the advertised tournaments from event Hosts, that will soon be able to be filtered based on a km radius to your device!

Easily View Past Results

You will also have access to your past results to know exactly where you are placed along the junior tennis pathway!

Follow your Friends

The EPC platform allows you to follow fellow players to stay up to date with their progress! Keeps you one step ahead of the game!

Player Search

Search up other players to see their improvement!

Personal Player Insights

The EPC platform tracks all your scores and presents personal player insights to fast-track your improvement!

Promote your Profile

The EPC platform allows you to create a profile with a custom avatar which you can use to showcase your improvement with your friends!

Innovative Platform for Efficient Tennis Tournaments and Player Rating

Following positive feedback from its pilot events, EPC Sports officially launched in 2022 after delays caused by the Covid pandemic. The organization presents an innovative platform for tournament organizers, facilitating event planning and promotion while minimizing administrative time and costs. Additionally, it provides an efficient system for rating players effectively.

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