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EPC Sports provides the pathway for greater participation in junior tennis.

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Players can now enjoy more fun, fast and fair matches thanks to EPC Sports unique ‘best of point’ match format. Kids will be more evenly matched against opponents and with EPC Sports Objective Player Rating System, they’ll be able to track their own progress as they develop and advance through the red, orange, green and yellow colour ball levels.

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Implement a universal colour ball level system to standardise player ratings, increasing engagement and allowing players to easily track their progress.

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Revolutionise player ratings with a fun, fast, and fair format, plus easy-to-use event setup and registration.

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Universal language for player rating through the colour ball levels, with EPC Sports offering full guidance on navigating these levels.

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Increase Player Participation

EPC enables you to draw upon our network to offer more events and reach more players. With players keen to see their ratings improve, more kids will participate in your events, having fun and developing their skills at the same time.

Drive Growth

It’s a no brainer - with an increase in player participation in your events and a decrease in your operational costs to run your events, you can enjoy higher revenue returns by signing up as an EPC host. Contact us today to learn more.

Reduce Admin Costs

Our tournament management platform will take the headaches out of planning, promoting and running your events. And our unique algorithm-backed player rating system will help generate your match draws and/or team selections, ensuring more even levels of matchups and better graded competition.

Improve the Culture

We can all agree that the culture of junior tennis can be toxic and far too dominated by a ‘win at all cost’ mentality. EPC Sports aims to disrupt the entire space, bringing it back where it belongs - as an inclusive community where kids can learn and develop their skills, making junior tennis fun and fair for all!


Children of all ages and abilities get to experience competitive matches in an exciting and social environment. EPC serves as a great introduction and pathway for Junior Tennis players, and provides a meaningful way to track their progress.

    Jufri Foss

    Pymble Ladies College Head Coach

    As a small, locally based tennis centre, EPC provides a great experience for my students. Often the larger tournaments can be intimidating, but the fun atmosphere of EPC has been a welcome change from the norm. It’s a testament to the hard work that Chris and the team have put into creating a concept whereby all players are evenly matched and play an equal amount of tennis.

      Josh Taylor


      The EPC tournament was fantastic for my two boys. It’s the first tournament where they’ve come home smiling. Before it was always a case of too much waiting around only for them to get beaten quickly by someone who was many levels above them. The EPC gives them equal match play against opponents who are of a similar standard. Above all else, it’s great to see them both having fun playing tennis, and from my perspective being able to go home at a reasonable time!

        Sam Mitchell

        Parent of Kaiden and Keoni

        The EPC tournaments were a great way in which boys from Knox prep school were able to experience a variety of matches in a competitive environment. The tournaments offered this opportunity to all talents and abilities. Through the tournament the coaches at Knox Prep School were able to see the benefits of the EPC tournaments in both the grading process of teams and in the general development of match play ability across all grades. Feedback received from parents and students revealed that students both enjoyed the opportunity and experience with high numbers of students signing up in consecutive competitions. Finally, these tournaments provided a way in which students were able to gain a rank in which future tournaments would be based off ensuring equal and challenging matches.

          Lachlan Higgs

          Head Coach Knox Prep

          I find the EPC app easy to use, easy to track my players’ progress and I’m quite thrilled with it all.

            Rebecca Constable

            Nepean District Tennis Association

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